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    Types of Tens Units Electrode Pads

    Different Types of TENS Units Electrode Pads

    As the pains in the body cause at different areas, so is the need to have varying types of Tens units electrode pads. They come in different shapes, sizes and so in different price tags. And the good thing is that comes as low as only $5.99, though these prices can differ from place to place and if you are buying it online. The Tens units electrode pads at this price, is the lower back pain strip electrode. Especially for those who are suffering from the frustrating lower back pain. It comes in a size of 1.5 inch by 14 inch. TENS Units Electrode pads also come in square sizes for the back pain too. So it depends on which one would suit you.

    Tens Unit Electrodes

    Some TENS unit electrode pads come in square sizes like 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch or 2 inch by 2 inch. These Tens units electrode pads come in packs. Some of them carry four packs of four so that is 16 in total. Some even carry 8 packs of 4 each, where you get a total of 32.

    Some premium TENS Units electrode pads are round in shape with 2 inch or 3 inch of a size. Apart from that white clothing is also used for Tens

    tens units electrode padsunits electrode pads measuring less than 2 square inches. It seems the complete geometry has come alive as Tens units electrode pads also come in a rectangular shapes. These are the rectangle series of around 2 inch by 4 inch with 4 per pack.

    Why even that, butterfly shaped Tens units electrode pads are also available in a size of 4 inch by 6 inch. The good thing is that it comes in a white foam topping as well.

    These are just sample examples of electrode pads. The actual sizes may vary and so can the prices. It is advisable to do a search before online buying.

    Product available at Amazon| Sears.

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