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    What is the difference between Tens Unit & Muscle Stimulator?

    Difference between Tens unit & Muscle Stimulator

    tens unit

    Pain Relief Treatment by EMS or Tens Unit? or Both? (Photo Source: novaheadache.net)

    Although both Tens Unit and Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) do almost the same thing by sending electronic pulses to the affected area, which in turn blocks the pain, they stand little differences.  In this article, we concern in only the pain treatment rather than provide you with perfect abs. In fact, Electronic Muscle Stimulator is not for toning and strengthening abdominal muscles.  The difference between them, however, is that this unit stimulates Sensory Nerve Endings where as EMS stimulates Muscular Motor Nerves.  Overall functioning of both the devices is just to solve a common purpose of blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. Both the machines do their jobs perfectly.

    Complete Muscle Stimulation Unit with Carrying Case and ElectrodesWhat is EMS?

    EMS, as compared to Tens Unit, is more widely used nowadays in many hospitals and other clinics. It is a device, which heals muscular injuries by sending digitally generated electronic wave pulses to the affected area, and it helps muscles in their passive exercise.(Details are in the Video Below)  Many times this device is also used to give passive massage to any paralyzed area of the body, which helps that particular portion to be re-enabled for movements. With regular treatment using EMS devices, many times the paralyzed muscles can be re-activated to function as normally as before even without leaving a mark of any paralysis attack. EMS machines, like it should not be used without prescription of an experienced medical practitioner.

    What is TENS Unit?

    On the other hand, TENS Unit gives a temporary relief from the pain to any patient. As it stimulates Sensory Nerve Endings, in initial stages it simply activates the nerves to start releasing the chemical that reaches the brain and let it not feel the pain in affected area. This unit can be effective for temporary relief and with the help of some treatment the relief may last for several days. In some cases, however, this unit has to be used even more often depending on an individual’s body.

    As per many surveys, people prefer EMS rather than going for TENS Unit. However, they both should be used under strict consideration and with recommendation of an experienced medical practitioner; EMS is found comparatively more useful and economic. In addition, the reason behind it getting more successful and liked by the people is that the treatment done with EMS. In many cases, the treatment may last forever instead of few days or months. And manufacture of these devices nowadays always combine these two into a single machine.

    Since, many doctors prefer EMS, rather than prescribing it to their patients’, one should consult his/her doctor as what should be best to opt for his or her problems.

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